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Shredding Services | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should My Company Shred Documents?

You have a legal responsibility to prevent sensitive client and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. Our secure shredding services ensure that you stay compliant with all federal and state requirements. 

Do We Have to Remove Staples, Paper Clips, and Binder Clips?

You do not have to remove staples, paper clips, and binder clips from your documents before the shredding process. At Bay Shred, our powerful, state-of-the-art industrial trucks are able to shred paper, hanging file folders, staples, paperclips, and even binder clips at a rate of 8,000 lbs. per hour – minimizing time spent at your site and saving you time and effort.

What if my paper isn't in Banker Boxes?

We are able to determine the number of boxes you have by using one of our 64-gallon shred bins as a “measuring cup”. Each 64-gallon bin holds approximately 7 standard sized banker boxes. At the end of the shred we simply count how many times we filled the bin and multiply by 7 to get an accurate box count.

What is the difference between off-site and on-site shredding services?

Off-site shredding means that material is transported in locked, GPS-monitored trucks to a secure shredding facility . On-site is the same as mobile shredding — a truck comes to you, and the paper is shred right there on the premises.

We Have an Office Shredder. Why Should We Outsource Our Shredding?

Bay Shred's service is more cost-effective than in-house shredding. Savings include paid employee time, the cost of the shredding equipment and maintenance, and disposal costs. Manual shredding is also a time-consuming and tedious process; and often times employees' are left with the decision of what needs to be shredded. In-house shredding programs don’t adhere to a regular shredding schedule and they don’t provide adequate documentation of what’s been shredded, when it’s been shredded or by whom. Should you ever be audited and a question arises as to when and why a particular piece of information was shredded, organizations without documentation are susceptible to severe fines.

What Does Your Service Cost?

Bay Shred offers secure shredding solutions that are customized directly to your needs and requirements. We not only offer one-time shredding services, but also recurring shredding programs on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services  – no matter what service your business needs, Bay Shred is able to securely destroy your old, unwanted documents and media and save you money at the same time.

What Receipts Are Safe to Throw Away? Which Should You Shred?

The only receipts that are safe to throw away are those which contain no personal information whatsoever, such as a grocery or coffee shop receipt. However, there are exceptions to even those rules—here’s what you need to shred:

  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card receipts
  • Credit card statements
  • Grocery or other store receipts with identifying information (such as a loyalty program number)
  • Receipts containing your name, address, and/or phone number
  • Receipts with a truncated credit card or Social Security number
  • Receipts containing your bank account number
  • Receipts with your signature
  • Used airline tickets

What Else Do You Destroy Besides Paper?

In addition to documents, we can destroy:

  • Hard drives
  • CD-ROMs
  • CD-Rs
  • DVDs
  • Computer backups
  • Microfiche
  • X-rays
  • Videotapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • Product samples
  • Prototypes
  • Uniforms
  • ID badges
  • And more

May We Witness the Destruction of Our Information?

With Bay Shred, you are always welcome to witness the shredding process of your confidential material which includes an interior view of the shredding process, via a monitor mounted on the side of each shredding truck.

What Happens to the Paper After Our Documents Are Destroyed?

All shredded paper is 100% recyled.

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