Media Destruction Services

Identity theft and business fraud prevention isn't just about protecting your paper records. A single tape or hard drive contains a warehouse full of confidential information. Don't roll the dice with your data!

Secure. Destroyed. Certified.

Media devices store thousands of files containing confidential information that could be a liability if not properly destroyed. Our on-site and off-site media destruction service makes physical destruction quick, easy and cost effective by eliminating the risk of your data being stolen while protecting your company from compliance violations. 

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Why Choose Bay Shred for Media Destruction Services?  

Not only do we provide you with secure media destruction when you need it most, we offer customized solutions to take the stress away from managing data that could make or break your company. Our strict chain of custody ensures your data is destroyed with unparalleled security and accountability. With Bay Shred, we make protecting your information very simple. Just give us a call and we'll do the rest!

  • 100% guaranteed data destruction
  • State of the Art technology to render your data completely unrecoverable  
  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups or on-demand service  
  • Tamper proof containers  
  • GPS Tracked Fleets  
  • Certificates of Media Destruction provided following each service
  • Audit trail with a strict chain of custody 
  •  Licensed, Insured, and Trained Professionals  

Confidential data is stored in a variety of formats including:

  • Smart Phones  
  • Flash drives  
  • Microfiche 
  • Optical media ( CDs DVDs, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD)  
  • Circuit boards  
  • Memory cards  
  • Magnetic backup tapes
  • Zip Disks  
  • Floppy Disks 

On-site Document Destruction - Witness the Shredding When you are considering your options to destroy confidential information, the most secure and reassuring option is to have your files destroyed at your location as you watch the entire process. You’ll never have to guess what happens to your data because they will be completely destroyed before the truck leaves.  

Off-Site Document Destruction If your data doesn't require destruction prior to leaving the premises, our off-site media shredding services is the most economical option. When our drivers arrive at your location, they will collect your data in one of our tamper-proof containers and return them to our off-site Privacy + Prism certified center, where the contents will be securely shredded through a crosscut industrial shredder. The particle sized pieces created by this shredder exceeds the NAID Certification standard for plant-based shredding. 

Stay Compliant and Shred Everything GLB, HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA and other state and local privacy laws require companies to protect the private information of their customers and employees. To ensure you stay compliant and keep you and your customers safe, adopt a “shred everything, all the time, in the same manner” policy. Treating all documents the same and shredding everything protects you and your organization and saves on storage costs.  

Media Destruction 

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