Hard Drive Destruction Services

Grind it. Shred it. Destroy it.

Onsite. Secure. Compliant.

Did you know that a single hard drive can store enough confidential data to fill a library? Even when information is deleted from a hard drive, it can still be recovered. Physical Destruction is the only way to guarantee 100% that your data has been destroyed beyond repair. 

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Why Choose Bay Shred for Hard Drive Destruction Services?

To us, you’re not just another client - we take pride in delivering custom solutions that protect your information while exceeding your needs on a budget you can afford. We work hard to earn your business and work even harder to keep it! 

  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups or on-demand service
  • Tamper proof containers 
  • GPS Tracked Fleets
  • Record serial numbers of each hard drive before destruction,upon request 
  • State of the Art technology to render your data 100% completely unrecoverable
  • Certificate of Destruction provided following each service  
  • Audit trail with a strict chain of custody
  •  After crushing the pulverized pieces of your hard drive they are recycled and the raw materials are used to make new products.  
  •  Licensed, Insured, and Trained Professionals

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On-site Hard Drive Shredding- Most Secure

With on-site hard drive destruction, all of your data is completely destroyed within minutes of entering the secured truck. Our on-site hard drive shredder can destroy your Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Zip Drives, CDs, Floppy Disks, DVDs , LTO Tapes while you watch and can destroy 450 hard drives per-hour.

Off-site Hard Drive Shredding- Best Value 

If your data doesn't require to be destroyed before leaving the premises, off-site destruction is the most economical option. We collect your hard drives in one our tamper-proof containers and return them to our off-site facility until they are destroyed. Drives are secured under lock and key and accessed under dual control when ready for destruction.

Hard Drive Destruction Services  

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